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Page conventions

HTML standards

All the web pages on this website adhere to the specifications for the HTML version (HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1) specified in the first or second line of the page's HTML code. It is checked using the software A Real Validator, but you can also use W3C's validator service. For the HTML specifications to which each page adheres, see the first or second source line or the list of all pages on this website.


An attept was made to have the pages more accessible by more web browsers and devices, readable by most website visitors with various screen sizes and resolutions, as described by the Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW. To verify that pages are accessible to individuals with disabilities, some pages are checked by Bobby, a validation service by CAST. An attept was made to use HTML in a way that makes the document structure apparent.

Graphics and Scripts

The only graphic images (pictures) on this website are the access counters on the front page, and the custom bullet markers in lists and outlines. Graphics can significantly lengthen the time to load a page, especially with a slow Internet connection. Client-side scripts (JavaScript) are in only three pages, including Data Your Browser Knows: JavaScript, and the contact form, and the Error 404 response page.


There is only little style specified, such as colors and fonts, so that users' settings of the web browsers are not overridden. Most of the style seen is either your browser's or your choices for representing the page structure. Consideration is given to minimizing the waste of more paper than necessary when pages are printed. Style is specified in a way that without it, the pages are still very readable. What little style is specified is done using style sheets, validated using the W3C CSS Validation Service.

Content considerations

Avoided on this website is information that is already elsewhere on the Internet. If relevant, included here are links to that information. Information is included here if it is presented in a different way that has advantages over the same information elsewhere. For example, information may be summarized, relationships may be shown, organization may differ, viewpoints may be more objective, the big picture may be more apparent, or content may be more complete.


There are no advertisements on this website. Advertisements are usually inefficient on the world scope. When presented using graphics, they use a significant portion of the Internet bandwidth thereby increasing the time and resources to transfer information, such as loading pages or accessing email. Using advertisements as a source of information is usually detrimental, in that they may be manipulative, misleading, or useless. And, the information usually can be conveyed in a more productive manner. We need a more efficient method to learn about products. If you benefit from the information on a website, consider ways to thank the source, in a written, monetary, or other sign of appreciation.

People and companies


This website's creation and maintenance, including all ideas, research, content, layout, coding, and posting are done by David Cohen. Credit also goes to the software used to edit, validate, transfer, and host the pages, and to the reference documentation on and about the Internet. All the pages were manually typed in the Notepad text editor.

David Cohen

Location on the Internet

The space and service for this website are leased from Digital Space, Corp. The rawDC.org domain name is registered through 000Domains.


The first web page here was created on October 15, 1999, and posted at ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/dcohen. That URL and web space was provided by CompuServe (my ISP since 1987). A shortcut URL for it is go.ourworld.nu/DCohen. To create the web pages, used initially was CompuServe's software, and later the Notepad text editor. The website was moved to rawDC.org in November 2001 when its access counter was at 290. CompuServe fees were higher than average, and their customer service quality was poor in many ways.

Privacy policy

The only information saved about visitors to this site is collected by the access counter on the front page (counter data), by the server (your IP address, the time, and the resource you request), and by the contact form (displayed field contents). Information collected is neither shared nor sold. Cookies are neither created nor accessed by this website.

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This page changed March 15, 2002.