RawDC website changes

2002-9-30: Renamed DC directory to dc (upper to lower case). Configured server to respond to browsers visiting DC by issuing a redirect permanent.

2002-4-9: Added page: Perl standard web-related module: CGI

2002-4-3: Added page: Questions for creating a website

2002-3-29: Added page: Travel to the DC area by public transportation

2002-3-8: Added page: P3P reference

2002-2-6: Added page: DC-area good-cause Jewish groups

2002-1-27: Added page: Data known by PHP script: phpinfo()

2002-1-27: Added page: Spam email reporting

2002-1-16: Split file HTMLinfo.html into htmlref.html and htmlex.html. The orginal file size was 36KB, bigger than Notepad could handle, and its file name included uppercase letters.

2002-1-11: In Data your browser knows: JavaScript, converted lists to tables, and on 2002-1-14 adding new script functions and more object properties.

2002-1-9: Created a page to respond to a "Not Found" error 404. Also created a page also containing SSI equivalents to the JavaScript.

2002-1-8: Added new a page, Data Known By Perl Script, to Internet directory page.

2002-1-8: Added to "XHTML 1.1 per W3C, outline" a table showing values for form controls.

2002-1-2: Renamed directory HTML to web, because some pages are not about HTML, and because the old name contained uppercase letters.

2001-12-30: Added to the front page an access counter that uses website's server.

2001-12-29: Added a page to search website using Google.

2001-12-26: Added graphic icons before each line on the front page:

2001-12-24: In each page's HEAD, changed the LINK HREF from my email address to contact.html.

2001-12-24: Created this document to log significant website changes.

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