Animal welfare groups in the Washington DC area

This is a list of websites of organizations, individuals, and businesses in the national capital region, including Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and nearby Maryland, that significantly help animals.

Animal Rights (advocacy against cruelty to all animals)

Animals in the laboratory, national

Vegetarian (avoids eating animals)



Companion animal rescue, shelter, adoption, and protection


Businesses that help animal welfare organizations

Not enough information

More information


See the E, The Environmental Magazine, cover story: "The Case Against Meat; Evidence Shows that Our Meat-Based Diet is Bad for the Environment, Aggravates Global Hunger, Brutalizes Animals and Compromises Our Health. So Why Aren't More Environmentalists Switching to Vegetarianism?" by Jim Motavalli, January-February 2002 issue.  Do any local environmental groups reflect that in their policies?

This page was created to help local animal advocates find each other, so they can work and play together, and support each other.

If you know of other organizations that would be appropriately be listed here, and they're near DC, and they significantly affect many animals, and they are not limited to only one species of animal, then let me know.

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