Media in the DC area: print, TV, radio

Newspapers and Magazines

Greater Washington DC (national capital region)

Washington, DC

Northern Virginia

Maryland, near DC

Television, broadcast

# station network owner
4 WRC NBC General Electric owns WRC, NBC, Universal, Paxson Communications
5 WTTG Fox News Corporation owns WTTG, Fox, HarperCollins, WDCA
7 WJLA ABC Allbritton owns WJLA and NewsChannel 8;
Disney owns ABC, ABC Radio, and many movie studios
9 WUSA CBS Gannett owns WUSA, USA Today;
Viacom owns CBS and Infinity Radio stations
20 WDCA UPN News Corporation owns WDCA;
Viacom owns Paramount, United Paramount Network (UPN)
22 WMPT PBS Maryland Public Television owns WMPT;
349 public television stations own the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
26 WETA PBS Greater Washington Educational Television Association (GWETA) owns WETA
32 WHUT PBS Howard University owns WHUT, and WHUR FM 96.3
50 WBDC WB Tribune Company owns WBDC;
Time Warner owns AOL, CNN, HBO, Warner Bros, Turner, and many magazines
Central Virginia Educational Telecommunications Corporation owns WNVT, WNVC;
MHz Networks owns MHz2, MHz
66 WPXW Pax Paxson Communications owns WPXW and Pax

The list above does not show the many close relationships of separately owned companies.

Cable and Satellite

On cable, there's NewsChannel 8, which is a division of Allbritton Communications Company which also owns WJLA.

Cable TV service providers include Comcast (AT&T), Cox Communications Fairfax (CoxCom), Adelphia Communications, and Starpower Communications (RCN/Pepco).

Satellite TV service providers include Direct TV (Fox) and Dish Network (EchoStar Satellite).


Clear Channel Worldwide/Communications owns: WASH 97.1 FM, WBIG 100.3 FM Big-100, WIHT 99.5 FM Hot-99.5, WMZQ 98.7 FM, WFRE 99.9 FM Free Country, WWDC 101.1 FM DC101, WTEM 980 AM SportsTalk, WTNT 570 AM Talk and CNN News, and WWRC 1260 AM CNN Radio Clear Channel, based in Texas, also owns over a thousand other stations elsewhere.

Bonneville International Corporation owns WTOP 107.7 FM and 1500 AM, and WXTR 820 AM News, WGMS 103.5 FM Classical, WWVZ 103.9 FM and WWZZ 104.1 FM Z104, and others.

Radio One owns four DC stations: WKYS 93.9 FM, WMMJ 102.3 FM, WOL 1450 AM, and WYCB 1340 AM, and 62 other stations.

Infinity Radio (Infinity Broadcasting Corporation), headquartered in New York City, owned by Viacom, owns over 180 radio stations, including: WARW FM 94.7, WHFS FM 99.1, WJFK FM 106.7, WPGC FM 95.5, and WPGC AM 1580.

ABC Radio owns WMAL 630 AM News/Talk, WRQX MIX 107.3 FM, and WJZW-FM Smooth Jazz 105.9 FM.

Mega Communications owns WBZS FM 92.7 and WBPS FM 94.3 (el Poder Latino), and WBZS AM 730, WZHF AM 1390 (la Voz de Bendición ), and many other spanish-speaking stations.

Companies owning one staion in the DC area and other stations elsewhere

Some religious radio stations include: WGTS FM 91.9 (Columbia Union College), WCTN AM 950 (Korean), and WFAX AM 1220 (Newcomb Broadcasting).

Other radio stations include: WMUC FM 88.1 (UMD CP), WAMU 88.5 FM (American University), WCSP FM 90.1 (C-SPAN Radio), WPLC AM 1050 (Washington Business Radio), WUST AM 1120 (New World Radio) [also], WAGE AM 1200 (in Loudoun County), and many others.

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