Pizza near route 50 at George Mason Dr

The following 17 pizza sellers are within two miles of Arlington Blvd (route 50) and George Mason Drive in Arlington Virginia.

Pizza place Miles Address Side Phone
Halteh's Pizza 0.5 E 36 South Glebe Road, at Arlington Blvd SW 703-979-1109
Roma Pizza 0.7 W 4809 1st Street North, Arlington Forest Ctr, at Park Dr NW 703-243-6600
Pike Pizza R. 0.8 SE 4111 Columbia Pike, at George Mason Dr NE 703-521-3010
The Broiler 1.1 SE 3601 Columbia Pike, at Monroe St NW 703-920-5944
Mom's Pizza R. 1.2 SE 3255 Columbia Pike, Westmont Shpng Ctr, at Glebe Rd NE 703-920-7789
Papa Johns Pizza 1.2 SE 3233 Columbia Pike, Westmont Shpng Ctr, at Glebe Rd NE 703-271-8000
Two Chefs Pizza 1.2 NW 5017 Wilson Blvd, at Edison St NE 703-525-6889
Pizza Hut 1.2 SW 4811 Columbia Pike, Barcroft Shpng Ctr, at Four Mile Run NE 703-892-2288
La Casona R. 1.4 SE 922 South Walter Reed Drive, north of Columbia Pike W 703-486-2400
Pizza Pantry 1.4 SE 923 South Walter Reed Drive, north of Columbia Pike E 703-920-9110
Atilla's 1.5 SE 2705 Columbia Pike, at Edgewood St. NE 703-920-4900
Ledo Pizza 1.5 SE 1035 South Edgewood Street, south of Columbia Pike E 703-521-1760
Domino's Pizza 1.6 SE 2602-C Columbia Pike, at Cleveland St SW 703-521-3030
Pizza Boli's [also] 1.6 SE 2609 Columbia Pike, Filmore Ctr, at Cleveland St NW 703-521-8200
Pizza Movers 1.7 SE 2522 Columbia Pike, Arlington Village Ctr, at Cleveland St SE 703-521-2121
Pizzeria Uno 1.7 NE 4201 Wilson Blvd, Stafford Place, at Stuart St NE 703-527-8988
Armand's Pizza 1.9 E 2151 Arlington Blvd, at 7th St, across from Ft Myer NW 703-526-9800

Most pizza places have "specials" with lower prices, but you usually need to specify them when ordering. Most of the places listed above are also listed at USATowns' Arlington Pizza, or Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization, or Pizza Coupons Virginia.

Most streets are named with "north" or "south" relative to route 50, also called Arlington Boulevard. South of route 50 is zip code 22204, north is 22203. Streets going north-south are numbered relative to route 50 with even numbered addresses on the west side of the street. Streets going east-west have higher numbers as they go west, with even numbered addresses on the south side of the street. Traveling on George Mason Drive from 4400 Arlington Blvd, one mile north is 5000 Wilson Blvd, and 0.7 miles south is 4200 Columbia Pike. Glebe Road is 0.4 miles east on route 50. In the table above, "Side" specifies the side of the street or intersection the business is located.

Hints for groups: Vary the amount of pizza, not only by the number and size of pizzas, but also the quantity of toppings (ex, extra cheese). To get reimbursed for the cost of the pizza, not only can you split the cost evenly among all eating it, but also by calculating the cost for each slice (bring a calculator). That method might be more considerate to people who eat fewer slices, or pizza with fewer toppings. On each box, write the toppings and price per slice.

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