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Address: 8661 Leesburg Pike (VA-7), Vienna Virginia 22182

The Sheraton Tysons hotel is located in the northwest part of the Tysons Corner section of the Greater Vienna area of Fairfax County, Virginia.

The hotel is off Leesburg Pike (VA-7) which is accessible via:

The hotel is three blocks west of the intersection of Leesburg Pike and Westwood Center Drive which is Tyco Road in the opposite/east direction.  That intersection has traffic signals and automobile dealerships on all four corners.  The hotel is behind the Cadillac dealership.  To go to the hotel from that intersection, go west almost onto Westwood Center Drive, and immediately turn right/north onto the VA-7 service road.

The hotel is a tall, glass, gray building, over twice as high as wide.  The hotel is on Ashgrove Lane, between the Leesburg Pike service road and Sheraton Tysons Drive.  The hotel has free parking.

The area is very pedestrian unfriendly, with almost no sidewalks or crosswalks.

Travel from major transit hubs

From Dulles International Airport (IAD) (12 miles west of the hotel):

From West Falls Church orange-line Metro station (4 miles southeast of the hotel):

From Tysons Westpark Transit Station (WTS), Jones Branch Dr at Spring Hill Rd (9 minutes, 1.3 miles east of the hotel):

From Tysons Corner Center shopping mall (TCC), (2 miles southeast of hotel):

From DC at L'Enfant Plaza or Rosslyn Metro station:

From Sheraton hotel:

* Taxicabs and SuperShuttle charge less for additional passengers traveling together.

Riding the bus from the West Falls Church Metro station to within a few blocks of the hotel costs $1, or 35 cents with a rail transfer.

Bus Service

To plan trips by public transit in and near DC, use the Metro RideGuide, although it doesn't consider that walking across Leesburg Pike from Tyco Road to the hotel is too dangerous.  The RideGuide considers Metro (WMATA) rail and buses, and Fairfax Connector buses, but not taxicabs.

Buses near hotel, summary

The hotel has its own shuttle bus to drive guests to places within Tysons Corner.

Five public bus routes (2T, 5B, 28T, 504, 574) stop within four blocks of the hotel, although some of those stops are across the wide, busy Leesburg Pike at Tyco Road where it is very hazardous for pedestrians to cross.

All five bus routes run during weekday rush hour.  Bus 2T, and bus 504 westbound, run all day, every day.

The bus fare for the 2T, 28T, 425, 427, 504, and 574 buses is $1, but only 35 cents if you took MetroRail to the boarding bus stop, and you give the bus driver a valid transfer slip obtained from a machine in the station where you first boarded MetroRail.  The bus fare for bus 5B is $1.25, but only 35 cents with that transfer slip.  If you transfer from one bus to another, remember to ask for a bus transfer when boarding the first bus, to waive the entire fare on the second bus.  Buses don't give change.

Buses near hotel, detail

Metro bus route 28T stops a block away from the hotel, at 8614 Westwood Center Drive, near Sheraton Tysons Drive.  The northwest-bound bus starts at the West Falls Church Metro orange-line station (near VA-7 at the eastern end of VA-267), travels 15 minutes to TCC, another 15 minutes to Westwood Center, then ends 9 minutes later at WTS.  The southeast-bound bus makes those stops in the reverse order.  The buses enter Westwood Center Drive at VA-7, travel the entire three blocks of that road, turn around, and return to VA-7.  Sheraton Tysons Drive is only one block long, with the bus stop at the road's south end, and the hotel at the other end.  Both bus routes run weekdays, every 20 or 30 minutes, from about 6:00 to 9:30 AM, and 3:00 to 7:30 PM.  The bus also stops at 8601, 8602, and 8609 Westwood Center Drive; one of them is "Westwood Center" on the 28T bus schedule.

Metro bus route 2T southbound stops two blocks east of the hotel, on VA-7 at Westwood Center Drive, southern corner, as the bus comes from TCC and WTS (bus bay C), and goes southwest along VA-123 through the Town of Vienna until Courthouse Road where the bus turns south to the Dunn Loring Metro station (west side of Gallows Road VA-650, 4 miles south of the hotel).  The "northbound" bus trip takes the reverse path, but the closest to the hotel the bus stops is three blocks away, on the far side of VA-7 where there are no pedestrian crosswalks.  During rush hour, the buses run twice each hour.  At other times, they run hourly.  The bus runs weekdays 6am to 11pm, Saturday 6am to 10pm, and Sunday 10am to 7pm.

Metro bus route 5B stops three blocks away from the hotel, on the far side of VA-7 where there are no pedestrian crosswalks.  The 5B and 5A bus come from and return to the Rosslyn Metro station (eight miles east of the hotel) and in DC at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station.  The 5B bus also comes from TCC and goes to WTS.  The 5B bus runs weekdays, hourly, 6 to 10 AM, and 3 to 7 PM.

Fairfax Connector bus routes 504 and 574 stop on Tyco Road at VA-7, four pedestrian-unfriendly blocks east of hotel.  Both westbound routes end at Reston Town Center, six miles west of the hotel.  Both eastbound routes stop at WTS.  Route 574 continues to VA-7 at Spring Hill Road (half a mile from hotel), and ends at TCC.  Route 574 runs weekdays, hourly, 6am to 9pm.  Route 504 runs every day going westbound, but only rush hour going eastbound.

Fairfax Connector bus routes 425 and 427 run all day, every day, between the West Falls Church Metro orange-line station and WTS, taking nine minutes each way.

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