SRI Mutual Funds

Here are listed mutual funds that have ethical criteria for their investments.

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Fund list grouping

The funds are grouped by which combination of broad criteria is used to screen their investments. First, the funds are seperated into those that consider any form of animal welfare, such as product testing using animals, and those that don't. The ones that do consider animal welfare are sepreated by which of the following issues are considered:

Funds screen for animal welfare and environment issues only

Funds screen for all issues except animal welfare

Funds screen for environment issues and animal experimentation

Funds don't screen for animal experimentation

Fund managers that don't sell funds directly

Non-corporate investments returning only interest

Fund types (within parentheses next to fund names)

This is where the fund focuses its investments, which usually consists of a combination of the investment type (equity or bonds), industry specialization, and market capitalization, "cap" for short. A fund may have some unrelated investments also. Much of this information is from the Social Investment Forum.


Current information is available on funds at Stock Master (Red Herring Magazine). In the future, it might be possible to get stock quotes by clicking on a fund's [Ticker symbol] in square brackets.

Information about which screens are used by which funds is mostly from the Social Investment Forum. These screening details should be clarified and verified more. It would be nice to have each fund be a link to information about it.

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