RawDC website directory


File Name Type Created Format Title
about text 2001-09-10 X 1.1 RawDC.org: about the website
changes - text 2001-12-24 X 1.1 RawDC website changes
contact - form 2001-12-05 X 1.1 RawDC, contact
copyright text 2001-12-24 X 1.1 RawDC.org Copyright terms
index dir 1999-10-15 X 1.1= RawDC, by David Cohen
indexes - dir 2001-12-03 X 1.1 RawDC, site directories
notfound - dir 2002-01-09 X 1.1j RawDC.org, Document Not Found
search form 2001-12-29 X 1.1 RawDC.org, search website or web
newdoc - none 2001-11-19 X 1.1 Template for a new XHTML 1.1 document
redirect - dir 2001-09-21 X 1.1 David Cohen's old website
siteDir - dir 2001-07-19 X 1.1s RawDC website directory

business (work for others)

File Name Type Created Format Title
Oxyfresh - text 2000-09-01 X 1.1 Oxyfresh distributor web page data
Oxyfresh.exe S/W 2000-08-08 Exe executable

DC (Washington DC and surrounding area)

File Name Type Created Format Title
acfm text 2001-12-21 X 1.1 Arlington County Farmers Market
afmlinks link 2001-12-21 X 1.1 Arlington farmers market web links
animalDC - link 2001-11-21 X 1.1 Animal welfare groups in the Washington DC area
fairsDC link 2001-09-08 X 1.1s Fairs and Festivals in the DC area
fruitDC link 2001-05-02 X 1.1 Organic produce and Farmers markets in the DC area
index dir 2001-05-30 X 1.0 DC-area directories by David Cohen
jewDC link 2002-02-06 X 1.1 Jewish DC-area good-cause groups
moneyDC link 2001-09-19 X 1.1s Ethical Investing in the DC area
pizza50g link 2001-04-30 H 4.0s Pizza near route 50 at George Mason Dr
rawDC link 2001-05-02 X 1.0 Raw/living food resources near Washington DC
recycleS.doc sign 1999-03-08 Word97 word97 document
streamV link 1999-06-29 X 1.0 Volunteer Stream Monitoring/Cleanup in DC area
uuyagwa link 2001-07-06 X 1.0 Recurring events by UU DC-area young-adult groups
vegDC link 2001-11-08 X 1.1 Vegetarian-friendly businesses - WWW Guides - DC/MD/VA


File Name Type Created Format Title
service link 2001-03-15 X 1.1s Plumbing, cooling, heating near Edsall Road, Virginia

food (Food and/or the environment)

File Name Type Created Format Title
grains list 1999-02-26 X 1.1 Grains
index dir 2001-07-12 X 1.0 Food and environment pages by David Cohen
JewVeg link 2001-07-19 X 1.1 Jewish Vegetarian links
produce link 2001-03-16 X 1.1 Fruit, vegetables, water: information on the WWW
rawFood link 2001-03-16 X 1.1 Raw/living vegan diet & food information on the WWW
rawPeople link 2001-03-16 X 1.1 Raw/living food people
streamN link 1999-06-29 X 1.1 Watershed and Stream-quality Organizations in the U.S.
vegDirs link 2001-11-06 X 1.1 Vegetarian WWW directories
ZoneDiet list 1999-10-16 X 1.1 The Zone Diet - How to follow it - Outline

invest (Ethical investing)

File Name Type Created Format Title
funds link 2000-12-?? X 1.1 Ethical Investment Mutual Funds
howWhy text 2000-12-23 X 1.0 Ethical impact of money and time
index dir 2000-12-?? X 1.0 Ethical Investing pages by David Cohen
issues text 2000-12-23 X 1.1 Ethical Issues
links link 2000-12-?? H 4.0 Ethical Investing information on the WWW
myScreen list 2000-12-?? X 1.1 Ethical Investing screens ranked by importance

web (The Internet: HTML, searching, browsing)

File Name Type Created Format Title
htmlex list 2001-05-10 X 1.1 XHTML simple examples
htmlref list 2001-05-10 X 1.1s HTML and XHTML reference outline
index dir 2001-09-19 X 1.1 Internet documentation by David Cohen
ListProc list 2001-11-13 X 1.1s ListProc command summary
p3ref list 2002-03-08 X 1.1s P3P reference
phpinfo.php list 2002-01-27 PHP Data known by PHP script: phpinfo()
searchW link 2001-11-29 X 1.1 Search the Internet
showEnv.pl list 2001-12-31 X 1.1p Data known by Perl script
showInfo list 2001-02-15 H 4.0J Data your browser knows: JavaScript
spam link 2002-01-27 X 1.1 Spam email reporting
ssi.shtml list 2001-02-15 X 1.1 Data the server knows: Server-Side Includes (SSI)
testMap try 2001-06-06 none Try using MAP with OBJECT
text.html try 2001-06-21 X 1.0 Import HTML with IFRAME and OBJECT example
text.txt try 2001-06-21 text text file
textLoad try 2001-06-21 X 1.0T Import text into HTML using IFRAME and OBJECT examples


File Name Type Created Format Title
book. text 2002-03-14 X 1.1+ VSDC Book Club
busiAdv text 2001-10-17 X 1.1+ Advertise your vegetarian accommodations
busiVeg text 2001-09-24 X 1.1+ Vegetarian business advice
contact form 2001-03-12 X 1.1+ Contact VSDC
contents? dir 2001-03-12 X 1.1+ VSDC site contents
coordg text 2002-02-20 X 1.1+ Coordinate a monthly activity
discount list 2002-03-01 X 1.1+ Discounts to VSDC members
donate2 link 2001-12-07 X 1.1 Donate to VSDC, reference
emails form 2001-10-19 X 1.1+ VSDC email lists selection
groups list 2002-03-05 X 1.1+ VSDC sub-groups
hostHelp list 2001-09-29 X 1.1+ Host a VSDC gathering
index - dir 2001-09-19 X 1.1 VSDC pages under development
investing text 2000-12-?? X 1.1+ VSDC Ethical Investing Group
jobs - list 2001-03-03 H 4.0T+ VSDC jobs
list.css list 2002-03-17 CSS 1 Common style for tables
logos list 2001-10-10 X 1.1 Icons for organizations related to VSDC
MenuBar try 2001-02-28 H 4.0s VSDC menubar
newsltr text 2002-02-09 X 1.1+ VSDC Newsletter advertising
onweb list 2002-03-19 X 1.1+ VSDC on the web
raw.. text 2001-02-20 X 1.1+ VSDC Raw Vegan Potluck Gatherings
rvisit text 2002-02-09 X 1.1+ VSDC Restaurant Visit procedure
style list 2001-04-27 H 4.0T VSDC web page style standards
vegBuy dir 2001-11-08 X 1.1+ Vegetarian-friendly businesses in the DC area
volcoord list 2002-03-05 X 1.1+ VSDC Volunteer Coordination
volun list 2002-03-14 X 1.1+ Volunteering
vsdc.css list 2001-04-20 CSS 1 Common style for page head
whyNot text 2001-09-05 X 1.1+ Why not a VSDC member or participant?


Type File contents description
dir Directory of my web pages
list List or outline of items
link List of others' WWW links
text Information in paragraphs
S/W Executable software not HTML
sign Sign that can be posted
try Experimenting with HTML
form Data entry form to submit
Format Description
H 4.0 HTML 4.01 Strict
H 4.0s HTML 4.01 Strict, with style element in head
H 4.0T HTML 4.01 Transitional
H 4.0J HTML 4.01 Transitional, with JavaScript
X 1.0 XHTML 1.0 Strict
X 1.0T XHTML 1.0 Transitional, with style element
X 1.1 XHTML 1.1
X 1.1= XHTML 1.1, with style attribute used
X 1.1s XHTML 1.1, with style element in head
X 1.1+ XHTML 1.1, with external style sheet
X 1.1p XHTML 1.1 generated by a perl script
Word97 Word 97, convert to HTML
CSS 1 Style sheet

"-" after the file name means the page is marked so it does not appear in internet searches.

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