Spam email reporting


bulk junk email
mass, huge quantity
unsolicited commercial solicitations
electronic mail messages
not requested by the recipient
unsolicited bulk email


Before opening suspected spam, disable internet communication, via your firewall or by disconnecting, in case the spam attempts to report back to the sender that you received and opened their spam, thus revealing to them that your email address is active.  When I forward spam to report the abuse, I hope whoever receives it also does not allow the spam to communicate.

Reporting Spam

Some suggest reporting spam to whoever is responsible for the server where the email originally entered the Internet, usually to the email service provider (ESP) of the person sending the spam, and usually to "abuse@" at the ESP's domain.  That could be the domain of the originating email address.  But, the email header can be forged so that the address stated after "From:" is unrelated to who sent the spam.  And, if the ESP intended to send the spam, and you complain to them, then they will know your email address is active, and might add you to more spam lists.

When reporting spam, forward the spam include its complete extended header, often not displayed by default.  Some ask you to use the original subject line of the spam, possibly removing the "FW:" or "Fwd:" from the new subject line.  To avoid changing the spam, send the original spam as an attachment.

For more information

Advice from email service providers (ESP)

Following are ESP web pages that state how to report to them any abuse of their services, such as spam sent to you by the ESP's customers.  Also included here, obtained from those pages, are reporting addresses, usually "abuse@" at their domain.
Hotmail: (Microsoft MSN .Net Passport)
Pacific Bell: (SBC)
Prodigy: (SBC)
SBC powered by Prodigy:
Verizon: (Bell Atlantic, GTE) (Verizon customers only)
Yahoo (US):
Yahoo (UK):
Yahoo Inc:
Yahoo's email response to reported spam sent to
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