Be a vegetarian-friendly business

Many people prefer to buy from businesses that offer vegetarian options, businesses that are more vegetarian friendly than similar ones.  A business doing even only one of the following seven suggestions will go a long way to help a business stand out as one that accommodates people avoiding products from animals.

For help doing any of the above items, and telling potential customers that you do them, find a local vegetarian organization.

What is vegetarian?

Strict vegetarian, or vegan, means avoiding food and other products taken from or tested on animals.  The term can describe the products, or a person who consumes nothing besides those products.  There are many reasons for being vegan, such as concern for farm animals, other people, and the environment.  The only foods eaten by vegans are from plants, and therefor not from any parts of animals such as meat, nor foods from them such as eggs, dairy, and honey.  There are many sources of more information, including Vegetarianism in a Nutshell guides by the Vegetarian Resource Group.

Food examples

On menus, put a symbol next to each vegan item.  Or, have a separate menu listing only vegan food.  Label vegan items in open food bars or on shelves.

Offer existing items without animal products, and price it accordingly.  For example, if you sell a food that normally has cheese as a main ingredient, such as pizza, consider that the cheese is a big part of the cost.  Offer the food without cheese, and pass the savings on to your customers.  Or, include additional vegetables at no additional charge.  Another example is a buffet, whether it is priced by weight, or has one price for all one cares to eat.

Instead of only removing animal products, consider additional or alternate ingredients to add to the taste or healthfulness.  For example, some people prefer less-processed ingredients, such as brown rice instead of white rice.  Consider fresh vegetables, especially if they are locally, organically, or recently grown.

Businesses that can benefit from being vegetarian friendly

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