XHTML simple examples <h1>

Lists: ordered, unordered, and definition lists (flow elements) {10}

[ol] (ordered list) {10.2}

  1. [li] Item X (LI may contain flow elements only)
  2. [li] Item Y
  3. [li] Item Z

[ul] (unordered list) {10.2}

[dl] (definition list) {10.3}

[dt] term 1 (Contents: inline elements)
[dt] term 2
[dd] definition 1 (Contents: flow elements)
[dd] definition 2

A table

Caption: table elements and attributes
[th abbr=E] Element [th] Attribute name [th] Attribute values
[th] [td] [td]
[th] [td] [td]

A form containing six fieldsets

Text input fields (each within a label element)
Check box and button, (each within a label element)
File name
Buttons using INPUT element
Buttons using BUTTON element
Option lists (each within a label element)

This document is incomplete, a work in progress. For example, HTML elements are shown within [square brackets] because they're easier to type than <angle brackets>.

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